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Pastor: Ethan Lyne

Hi folks, I’m Ethan Lyne, the Senior Pastor of RiverTree Church. This is the portion of the website where I’m supposed to make myself sound really good and super spiritual in the hopes that I can convince you to show up to our church and check us out. Instead of doing that though I’d like to take a few moments and give you an honest glimpse into who I am.


First and foremost I’m a committed follower of Jesus, a son of the living God! I live every day with the desire to lay down my life and follow the One that redeemed me! Beyond that I’m a husband, a husband that is committing himself to growing in my ability to love my wife better. I’m also a father of 4 beautiful children, whom I’m attempting to raise not as boys and girls but rather as men and women. After that I’m a son, a brother, a friend and a Pastor. My church doesn’t define me, it’s simply a portion of who God has called me to be and what He has asked me to walk in. I know that I do not have life all figured out...BUT...I am passionate about the fact that I know the One who does! I love God and am passionate to see Him manifest His power in my life and the lives of those around me. I have many dreams and visions for our church, city and state that I hold dear in my heart. I have no desire to grow a church, rather my heart longs to grow people! To finish my ramblings I’d like to say that most of all I am one that is confident of God’s love and acceptance! I am confident that when He looks down on me a smile comes across His face, I’m also confident that it is the exact same smile that comes across His face when He looks upon you!

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